Friday 11th Of October

Since the first Octocon, the Friday night has always being a casual part of the convention. It is a chance for people to catch up before they get distracted by the convention. Fans arrive into the hotel from homes and airports, and then the slow trickle into the bar begins.

This year we have also organized signings with our Guests of Honour

Richard K. Morgan will be in Hodges Figgis, signing from 5pm.

Gail Simone will be in Sub City Comics from 5.30

Saturday 12th of October

The first full day of the convention. Doors open at 10am with the opening ceremony at 10.30 with panels starting every hour until 6pm.
At 7pm we will have the Golden Blasters Short Film Festival.This is a new slot for the Film festival, and we hope that it will make it more accessible.

Sunday the 13th of October

The second day of the convention will resume at 10am with more panels. The day will continue until the closing ceremony at 6pm.

Monday the 14th of October

We will be having a "Dead Dog" party in the Porter House on Parliment Street from 12pm. This is a place for people to wait for their flights, and maybe one last chance to catch up with friends you have been too busy to say hi to earlier!

We're looking forward to seeing you in October.