Gareth Kavanagh has been involved in fandom for a 'short' time. In that time he has founded a college society in NUI Maynooth, being involved in the running of the gaming convention Dominicon, and on the Committee of P-Con. He loves nearly all forms of Science Fiction and Fantasy, he is too much of a coward to actually watch or read horror.

Guest Liaison

Danielle is an artist, writer, musician and Twitter-addict. Despite years of wantonly confusing people by not making any sense, she has become the longest serving member of the current Octocon committee. She reads far too many comic books. She likes bad jokes and My Little Pony.


Rachel Flynn has taken on the difficult task of managing our membership. She will be the person welcoming you to the convention, giving you your badge, and answering any questions that you may have.


Matthias Horn is a computer programmer with a passion for design, architecture and mathematics. With all of this it's a miracle he ever finds the time to read, reserved almost exclusively to Science Fiction.